Our Environment, Sustainability and Social Responsibility

In today’s socially conscious world, employees and clients particularly value working for, and with, companies that prioritise corporate social responsibility (CSR). At Rhone we consider CSR as an integral part of our business model.

Our engagement includes:

Philanthropy: Due to the nature of our business, which includes the management of charitable foundations, we are very familiar with philanthropic efforts. Many businesses practice social responsibility by donating money, products or services to social causes and non-profits, but at Rhone we go further by expressing our concern for specific issues and our commitment to certain organisations. We have been supporting education programmes for children in Cambodia through the work of the Green Umbrella NGO and contributing with charities located in the cities where we have offices (Colis du Coeur, Willing Hearts, The Bahamas Children’s Emergency Hostel, etc.).

Diversity and Wellness: At Rhone, we pride ourselves in supporting a diverse working environment. Two thirds of our team are women, of which over 60% hold managerial or client facing roles. Our employees’ physical and mental wellness is also a priority – from focused wellness months, to flexible working conditions, our team’s happiness is of paramount importance.

Volunteering: We encourage employees to volunteer and play an active role in the communities where we live. We firmly believe in the personal and professional development opportunity that this represents. For this reason, Rhone encourages each employee to apply for volunteering activities for up to 5 working days per calendar year.


Our ‘Go Green’ Initiatives

At Rhone we have taken significant steps in reducing our offices’ carbon footprints.

Rhone takes pride in having greatly reduced the use of paper throughout our offices. Our digital document management system, stored on secured servers, allows us to share documents online via secure methods. As part of this initiative, we have requested that all the banks we work with receive only e-statements by secured e-mail or via e-banking platforms. Similarly, we have requested our suppliers to provide only digital invoices.

We have also largely suppressed the use of plastic in nearly all facets of our day to day office life – no plastic folders, plastic pens, plastic cups etc.

We promote the use of public transport and where possible, provide annual public transport subscriptions to encourage employees to leave their private vehicles at home.

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